Pay only on results. No contracts. Full transparency.

*Note: To ensure quality, we only work with about 10% of startups.

RestPress: Getting Press Has Never Been Easier.

If accepted, we will only charge you when we deliver live press coverage. No contracts, no artificially high prices.

Approve Target Publications

We create a strategy and a list of target outlets to reach out to. You approve everything.

Days 1-7

Initial 1 Hour Position Call

Standby for Interviews

Once we get responses, you'll need to be ready to answer questions and provide information for the journalist. We'll help you craft winning responses.

Days 7-30

Weekly Update Calls

Pay on Results

After the press article is live, you pay. We never charge you a dollar unless we get you results.

Days 30-45

Debrief Call

  • I’m a happy man. This is a fantastic service. I'm used to paying $20k/month to agencies and freelancers that deliver lackluster results.

    . . .
    Jesse Leimgruber
  • Great service with fast and reliable support. We use RestPress to power our entire agency. We can’t live without it.

    . . .
    Rank Executives
  • I’m a PR Expert and I even white label work to RestPress.

    . . .
    PR Consultant

Your Brand is Important.

You shouldn't trust just anyone with your brand image. We provide full transparency into every conversation and you to approve every piece of content.


Get 1 Piece of Press

  • Price varies depending on tier of publication.
  • Includes 2 Hours of strategy & positioning.
  • Pay only after your press is live.
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6 Piece Package

  • Guarantees at least 2 top tier pieces of coverage.
  • Weekly strategy & update calls.
  • Pay only after your press is live.
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We Take Your Brand Seriously.

You shouldn't trust your press with just anybody. Learn about our process.

The PR industry is broken. Agencies and freelancers are professionals at under delivering all while wasting your time and money. We can't promise that we can get you coverage, but we can promise that we will only charge you if we succeed.

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